Intro to Media Tech Essay

December 10, 2009

Nate Gilmore
9 – 24 – 09
Intro to Media Technology

Talent 2k is a company for unsigned artists. Talent 2k is a company located in Arizona that shops music around for unsigned artists. They offer artists ways of marketing their talent whether that be a singer, rapper or anything else music wise. Talent 2k makes it possible to where their clients have the opportunity to be shopped around to record labels and producers. One could have a great opportunity through Talent 2k because they could open the door to a great career for an individual. Talent 2k claims that record companies are constantly requesting music from the company.
The links on this website work very well. As soon as you click on a link it quickly redirects you to a different page explaining in great detail helpful information. The information that the website gives you when you click on a link is very straightforward. When you get done reading it you have a very good understanding of the information which is very helpful. There is no beating around the bush just straight to the point.
What doesn’t work for me is how the website is extremely basic. There isn’t any music or color. The whole entire website is mostly white with no additional color. One would think that you would be able to hear other artist’s music since this is a music website but there is none. I think that is very disappointing. There is also no depth to the website. Browsing throughout the page it brings me to the conclusion that this website was possibly created by a few people as oppose to a large number of people. The quality is very poor and boring looking. Also there aren’t that many pictures and some of the pictures that were given were obviously not real. The fake pictures looked computer generated. So that just goes to show you that this website is not legit. Going by the cheapness of this website it seems like they only want to get your money. I also think that they could have done a better job on the websites that the clients paid for. The websites are extremely cheap and isn’t worth the money they were asking for to put on the website.
What it seems like the website is trying to accomplish is make an inspiring unsigned artist feel like they can make it and get signed. On one of the links it takes you to a spot on the website where they show you all of the record companies that they solicit with. I think that is a good strategy as far as the unsigned artist goes because it makes them feel like they have a huge opportunity to make it big. Also it seems like they just want your money because on one of the links it takes you to a page on the website where they show you types of payments you can make towards possible getting a record deal.
I think the way the navigation is put together is very basic. I think that they could have done more to the website to make the viewer believe it is more of a legit business. They could have added some cool features to make the website fun. They could have added music to the artists that are already involved with the company. This would have been a good idea to make the website more interesting.
I think the way that they are trying to sell the company is how they have numerous music celebrities on the home page. I think that is a good strategy because when the viewer is browsing the webpage and comes across that it makes them think that they could possibly make it like them one day.


This is the first video assignment I had for my Intro to media tech college course. I think the song that I picked to go along with the photos was very appropriate enjoy 🙂 webpage

December 8, 2009

Here I tried to make a depression webpage. I tried to make it look as realistic as possible 🙂

Nate’s video assignment 4

December 8, 2009

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September 8, 2009

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